Wedding Crafting Starts Today

| January 22, 2013

"wedding"I have decided to start crafting items for the wedding sooner rather than later. I figure that it will give me the time I need to learn as I go so that everything can be absolutely perfect. Today I am going to a few of the local thrift stores to see if I can find any great knick-knacks to use as decorations for the big day. I saw a few posts online where people placed statues and figurines on tables as d├ęcor and it looked great. I want to get the knick-knacks and spray paint them chocolate or pink. I figure that they will be an inexpensive way to get a beautiful look for the wedding.

I have decided to start a budget for the wedding. I have decided that I do not want to go over budget when it comes to getting the decorations for the wedding. I want to be sure that the wedding looks great, but want to be sure that I am not spending an arm and a leg on one day. I read a great recommendation that said to get things that you can use in your home after the wedding. This will allow you to be sure that you are not overpaying for the items and are able to use them again.

I read that one woman used curtains as her tablecloths at the wedding reception. No one could tell the difference and afterwards, she had the curtains professionally cleaned and was able to use them in her home. I think this is great because we really need curtains, but I do not have the extra money to get them and things for the wedding. I figure that I will be getting two things for the price of one, which is always nice.

I am going to look for the curtains at the thrift store, as well. I also saw a post where someone made beautiful cake stands using an upside cup with a beautiful plate glued to its base. This is a beautiful look that will allow me to display cupcakes, cookies, or even candies in a unique way. I want my wedding to be anything but ordinary and want all of the guests to be able to have a great time. I want to have a unique look at the wedding, but need to be sure that it is not too over the top.

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