I Love This David’s Bridal Wedding Dress: Satin Pick-Up Ballgown with Corset Bodice and Brooch Detail

| November 23, 2012

On the day of my wedding, I want to know that I am beautiful and that the dress I have chosen to wear flatters my body well. I do not want to settle for the first dress that I see and I definitely feel that this dress is in the running for many reasons. Feeling like a pretty princess is every woman’s dream for her wedding day.

"David's Bridal Wedding Dress"There are some dresses that have an elegant look that looks as if it were made specifically with a princess in mind and I feel that this is one of those dresses. There are many features of the dress that make it unique and sophisticated. The fact that the dress is strapless adds a sensual feel that creates a vibrant look. The simply bow accent on the hip adds a pop of whimsy to the dress. I also love the fact that the dress could easily be worn in any season by simply throwing a light shawl or bolo over my shoulders.

My most favorite part of the dress is the bottom though. I love the bell shape of the dress. It is large and fluffy which will, hopefully, flatter my body well. I feel like the pick-ups will hide the fact that my hips may be a little larger than I would like them to be. The pick-ups create a layered look that will also make me look taller than I would look in a dress that simply dropped straight to the floor. I feel that I could wear a beautiful pair of heels or flats with the dress and it would still look gorgeous.

The straplessness of the dress will allow me to wear my hair in many different ways. I could easily wear my hair up with a beautiful train with this dress or wear it down with a simple barrette holding back a portion of my hair. It is nice to know that with this dress I will have more versatility than I would with many of the other dresses that are on the market today. I think that the dress needs to be perfectly fitted to me and that a seamstress could easily take it in or hem it if needed without ruining the look of the dress which is nice because I am shorter than most women and do not want my dress to drag on the ground when I walk down the aisle.

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