Do All Brides Have Dreams About Objections to Their Marriage?

| November 19, 2012

I have been dreaming about my actual wedding day every night for about a week now. I keep having a recurring dream that when the pastor reaches the part of the ceremony where he asks if anyone objects, there are multiple people who do. They all have different reasons for their objections, but none of them really have anything to do with our relationship so I am finding them a bit confusing. I have been going through a whirl wind trying to figure out if I am subconsciously having these objections or if they are just dreams that I should ignore.

"objections"One of the objections was given by my fiancé’s ex-wife. She states in the dream that the marriage did not work between them and that there was no way it was going to work for him and I. I decided that this was a subject I would tackle head on. I talked to my fiancé to find out what really happened between them and why their marriage did not work out in the end. I also wanted to know what we could do to ensure that the same thing did not happen to us. We talked for a few hours before agreeing that we had great communication and have been able to work out any difference we have had over the years. I think that I was making more out of the dream than I really needed to and felt great after I discussed it with him.

Another person objecting from the marriage was his sister. She said that I would never be welcomed into the family and neither would my son. My fiancé and I have been together for five years and have built a family together. His family welcomed my son and me with open arms so I knew that it had nothing to do with that situation. I talked to my fiancé again about that dream and he said that he thought that I was worried that his sister not wanting to bless our marriage would somehow change the way he felt about it. He said that he loved his sister, but did not respect the decisions she made in her own life and would never take advice from her regarding the rest of his life.

After we talked about everything in the dreams I felt an overall peace about everything. I wonder if it is normal for future brides to have crazy dreams about people objecting to their marriage and what do you do if someone does in real life. I have no idea what I would do and hope that I never have to figure it out.

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