Ampersand Wedding Invitations Are All The Rage

| December 13, 2012

When planning for your wedding, one of the most important things to choose is your wedding invitations. One of the hottest styles of invitations is the ampersand wedding invitations. The ampersand wedding invitations can be made with large or small ampersands. They symbolize you and your husband becoming one. You are going to be Mr. & Mrs. instead of keeping your name.

The ampersand wedding invitations can feature an elaborate or very basic look. Many of the ampersand wedding invitations are very inexpensive and you could even create them yourself if you had a computer and a printer. Using cardstock paper is a great way to create beautiful wedding invitations that you truly love.


When choosing the designs for your ampersand wedding invitations, it is important to use a print that is not overwhelming and that creates a classy look. There is no need to go overly bright on your wedding invitations. You also want to be sure not to add too much glitter or shimmer to the invitations. You want to be sure that someone is not irritated when they open the invitation and see the glitter fall all over their floor or their clothing.

You want to double check the print for the ampersand wedding invitations. Once they are printed, it could cost a lot to get them reprinted or could cause you to have to choose an entirely new set of invitations. You can be sure that your ampersand wedding invitations look great if you check and double-check them before sending them out.

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